Our whole-body 4D parametric PET imaging research featured in 2016 highlights of the PMB journal

We are grateful to announce that our recent research publication in direct 4D whole-body PET parametric imaging has been featured in 2016 highlights of the Physics in Medicine and Biology (PMB) journal. Please check below the line-up of highlighted 2016 PMB articles awarded by the editorial team of the prestigious PMB journal in the field of PET imaging:


This is indeed a great honor and we are indebted to the great interest you have recently demonstrated for our on-going progress in this new exciting molecular imaging field.

Our work aims at translating the quantitative virtues of multi-parametric molecular PET imaging, as initially had been shown in neuroimaging, to clinically feasible multi-bed PET scan protocols. The transition to whole-body dynamic and parametric PET imaging is critical as it may substantially enhance the diagnostic, prognostic and theranostic prospects of image assessments of various important molecular mechanisms  of oncologic and cardiovascular diseases.


Direct 4D whole-body dynamic PET parametric imaging method

Thank you all for your active support and we would like to take this opportunity to openly share once again  our continuous commitment to advance the clinical value of molecular PET imaging as a valuable biomedical imaging tool to assess progress and therapy responses at the molecular level.